Hoop Technique DVD – Post Viewing Thoughts

For a blog with a header full of shots of me hooping, I sure don’t post about it very much. Despite identifying first as a hooper and letting everything else fall into place, I haven’t done much with my hoop lately. I teach my weekly classes, and I’ll pick up my hoop and spin it for a bit, I probably do something with it at least every other day. But I haven’t had a very good, deep session with my hoop for a while.

The Hoop Technique DVD created by Rich Porter and Vivian Spiral is something I’ve been looking forward to since I first learned about it at Hoop Camp in September of ’09. Rich and Spiral have easily been two of the most influential hoopers in my personal journey, and the thought of them combining their unique styles in any way, much less an instructional DVD (which is half flawless instruction, half inspirational work of art) thrilled me beyond all reason. I went all stupid fangirl on the project.

I finally received my copy in the mail today. I had somewhere to be, but as soon as I got back, I popped it in the player and watched the whole thing, both discs, all the way through.

There is a certain energy that infuses my hooping when I’m in the same space as several other passionate hoopers. It’s the quickest way for me to tap into my flow and reach a practically transcendent state. It’s the reason I am willing to drive halfway across the country to attend events. I don’t know that I’ve ever felt that energy at home in my living room before. But I did today. After the DVD ended, I picked up my hoop and spun and felt it.

Man, did I need it. And while I had high expectations for this DVD, I don’t know that I expected it to elevate me to that state just by watching it. Maybe it’s because I’ve had the honor of sharing space and energy with several of the hoopers interviewed on the inspiration disc, and watching their footage made me feel their presence in a way I normally can’t. Maybe it’s that I’ve felt somewhat disconnected from the hooping community recently, and I haven’t felt an authentic way to tap back into it, yet all of my reasons for doing this and loving this community were evident in this DVD.

The community is such a huge part of hooping for me. It dawned on me while I spun in my zone tonight that I don’t know if I could hoop in a vacuum. When I started hooping, I was mesmerized by all of these incredible people. I watched their videos and wanted to move the way they moved, but more than that, I wanted to live the way they lived, in a seemingly endless state of passion, health and vibrance. Practicing in the hoop unlocked so much of that for me, a path I am still walking, and the primary influence for this blog (cutting through the fear that keeps most of us from letting ourselves live that way).

Without the community, the influence of those people, I don’t know that hooping would be as meaningful to me as it is. When I hoop, I feel a connection to everyone who’s ever influenced me, every teacher I’ve had the honor to learn from, every soul who’s blessed me with their energy in a dance space, every spirit I’ve connected with as a result of the “plastic circle”. That is what keeps me in the hoop, what keeps me excited. The people, the energy they share, the way the hoop changes lives.

These months I’ve felt somewhat defunct in hooping energy have stemmed from trying to find that grasp on why I hoop (it’s not for fitness, I know that much, and my soul grates every time I’m forced to sell my classes that way). Watching Rich & Spiral’s beautiful and much needed contribution to this powerful community recharged me. In my dance tonight, I felt all those souls merge in me, the energy practically streaming out of the screen and channeling through me in a direct line of energy. I don’t know how they did it, but Rich and Spiral captured everything I love about hooping and hoopers and put it in a DVD.

Thank you so much, you two. I appreciate all the effort that went into your creation, it was all worth it. If anyone out there needs a spiritual hooping recharge, check out the Hoop Technique DVD. It does not disappoint.


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