365 Days of Bikram – Day 2

Guys, there are SO MANY DIFFERENT WAYS TO EAT EGGS. You can fry them, scramble them, boil them, POACH THEM. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN.

Enough about eggs.

Today was DAY TWO of going back to yoga after letting myself slowly atrophy on the pile of mattresses that our living room has become. HERE IS A TIP FOR ACTIVE LIVING: Don’t carpet your living room with friggen’ MATTRESSES. It makes it IMPOSSIBLE to get out of bed. Especially if you are already prone to impressive feats of laziness, which I will admit that I am.

Freya came with me to yoga today. Freya is my ROOMMATE. She has been languishing away on our mattress carpeting with me for the past three months.

Now, normally when I have someone I know come to class with me, I do one of two things. 1) I panic that I am not performing my postures well enough because I want them to leave class SUPER IMPRESSED by my abilities, or 2) I can’t focus on my postures because I’m too busy desperately wanting to correct my friend but I CAN’T because you’re supposed to be QUIET. Neither of these are terribly conducive to a productive class.

I did not have EITHER of these problems today, however, because I was too busy trying not to die. It was actually kind of nice to have Freya slowly dying with me. A PARTNER IN DEATH. Always appreciated.

I am using a lot of caps today. I think that might be a direct result of writing this post after reading Hyperbole and a Half and watching JPMetz.

So anyway, despite feeling like death for most of the standing series, I did notice small improvements from yesterday. I forced myself to at least attempt every posture. Emphasis on Triangle. I completely sat out both sets of Triangle yesterday and it was very important to me that I at least attempt it today. And it BLEW MY MIND. I mean, it sucked, Triangle requires the most strength out of every posture in the standing series and I didn’t make it through the entire posture on either set. BUT. I still had the FORM down. In most of the postures right now my form looks about as good as if I spackled some human pieces haphazardly together with Elmer’s glue and tried to pass it off as a pose. But my Triangle KICKS ASS. It looks like a damn seasoned yoga goer, which, in theory, I am.

Granted, it hurt like hell and my stamina is in the toilet, but I could sink my knee down into a right angle and turn my arms correctly and reach up towards the ceiling and down towards the floor and twist my neck like in spine twisting and press my knee back with the help of my elbow ALL AT THE SAME TIME and all that good stuff. Just not for very long.

That, in addition to my back bend in Half Moon (which got a compliment from the teacher!), were the drops of sunny dew in an otherwise crummy pile of yoga mush. I will be SO GRATEFUL when I get back in touch with my body enough to actually feel what’s going on in there, rather than just hoping my muscles will force themselves into the shapes we’re supposed to be making.

I can sympathize with the beginners SO WELL right now.


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