Sunday Slow Down

Turn off the TV and read for one hour.



2 thoughts on “Sunday Slow Down

  1. I actually had my TV service cut off so I never watch TV anymore. I do watch but only movies that I’ve researched and know I want to sit and watch for two hours. I actually love it. Highly recommended. I do a lot more reading now too. 🙂

    • I don’t actually watch any TV myself, either. I haven’t (save for occasionally watching American Idol and Biggest Loser episodes with my mom) since about 2003. It’s DEFINITELY a culture-shock to see TV on at other’s houses or at restaurants.

      I do love watching movies, though, and since I don’t ever see any previews, it’s actually exciting to me to pick up a movie with no expectations whatsoever and watch it. Sometimes it’s a disappointment, but usually it’s a lot of fun!

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