In Search of the Right Combination


A lot of people are constantly in search of the right combination of medication. Which prescription will keep them level? What can they take that will help them be the people they want to be?

I’m not a fan of medication of any kind, you don’t have to know me for very long to learn that. I will admit that a fear of mine is discovering some ailment I might have that would require me to join in the search for the best medication combination.

I realized something the other day, however. I am already searching for the best combination for me. I just choose a different form of medication. Right now, my combination consists of Bikram Yoga, hooping, and reading books and blog posts to better understand myself.

I tweak my combination regularly, because it never seems quite right. I also occasionally add running, counting calories, and eating less sugar, all of which are helpful, yet I keep searching. With my current combination, I can get almost to where I need to be, but I always feel just on the other side of that “healthy” fence. The most recent form of healing I’m seeking is called Rolfing.

Rolfing is also called Structural Integration. It’s similar to massage, however, the focus of Rolfing is to realign your body in relation to gravity by manipulating deep facial tissue.

I LOVE massages, professional and amateur alike. But what I’ve always wanted out of a massage is to find out what is causing the tension. I’ve known for a while that just because my shoulders are tight, it doesn’t necessarily mean the issue is in my shoulders. I’ve gotten massages from a few people who are able to track and locate the actual root of the issue, but those people are very hard to find. Finding the root of the issue is the central focus of Rolfing.

I also believe that emotions are stored in our muscles, and I’m hopeful that Rolfing will help me access emotions I have difficulty accessing on my own. So far, my journey to self-help has largely been without professional assistance. I’m interested to see what comes up when I involve someone trained to notice the things I take for granted and therefore may have never worked on independently.

My goal in combining these different “medications” is bringing my whole body into alignment with my mind, so that the two do not conflict. I think everybody, regardless of whether or not they are seeing a professional or doing their own personal research, is looking for the right combination to help them on their way to their own personal goals. What do you think your combination involves?

In other news, a quick update on what I’ve been up to since falling off the face of the earth: I got a new job, I got interviews from some awesome people, and I got engaged. All of which I’ll discuss in the coming weeks!


2 thoughts on “In Search of the Right Combination

  1. I’ve never heard of Rolfing before, but I find the idea absolutely interesting. I’ve been seeing two different kinds of massage therapists since my injury, and they’ve helped me so much. Their knowledge of pain and what causes it rivals that of the doctors I’ve seen. But we’ve never addressed the emotional side… only the postural.

    The way I sit and work causes a lot of my tensions, I’m sure — but I do wonder if there are other factors at work.

    I use a lot of different tactics to take care of myself emotionally. I haven’t been very good about it lately, but hooping and eating well definitely help me, and so does talking to myself as my own therapist. A lot of my stress is related to whether or not I’m paying attention to my creative projects, so recently, I’ve been working very hard at balancing them all and giving attention to what needs it. It’s something I have to work at every day.

    Another thing I make sure to do is spend time with amazing people. I have a writing group, and they’re the best friends I could wish for. I always feel better after seeing them!

    Congrats again on the engagement!!!

    • It might help you! I’ve been to two out of ten sessions and I can definitely see how it will help me overall. Granted, I do not have any previous injuries, but most of the Rolfers in my area are pretty experienced and have seen lots of different types of people.

      Hanging out with awesome people is REALLY IMPORTANT. I agree with that 100%.

      And thank you!!

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