The New Rules of Blogging

I gave this post a misleading headline because it’s snappy and sounds good.  If you clicked on this expecting to read some awesome post about how to blog in the modern world, you should probably stop reading because really, this will be a post about how I’m an incompetent blogger and should really just stop trying and go live under a rock somewhere and stop bothering everyone else with their big fancy “consistent” blogs with a “unifying theme”.


(A truth about me hidden by some earlier posts on this blog: I use capslock. Excessively.  With no shame or regrets.)

I was in a good place emotionally, and health-wise, and I figured I would write inspirational posts about how to be awesome and not suck at life.

Unfortunately, some of those posts got a lot of attention.  People were all, “OMG I LOVE YOUR BLOG.” You would think that would be a GOOD thing, but success tends to create a deer-in-the-headlights effect on me.

This is what my brain did: “People like this.  Now is your chance to TAKE ALL THEIR MONEY.  No.  Now is your chance to WRITE SOMETHING BETTER.  But we all know the truth, and that’s that you don’t really have anything to say, and they’re just being nice anyway, but they EXPECT AWESOME THINGS so the next thing you write better be the most AWE-INSPIRING PIECE OF WORDPLAY ANYONE HAS EVER LAID EYES ON.”

Oh, and then there was that time I decided to give the blog a theme and totally failed to ever write another post (except for the handful of posts that I wrote that had nothing to do with the theme).

Also, over the course of the next year or so, I settled into a nice downward spiral.  Not anything awful, just not as ~*~inspiring~*~ as before.  I gained weight, and felt I could never blog again since one of my most successful posts is about losing weight.  I felt crummy, and figured I could never blog again since I’d previously written about feeling positive.  I ate ice cream and potato chips every day for a week, and decided I could never blog again since I once wrote a post about vegetables.  I stopped doing yoga, and feared writing about anything ever again because I had, in the past, written posts extolling the virtues of yoga.

Basically, I psyched myself out of blogging by giving myself too many rules.  And then I did nothing (except for the brief moments when I did something).

But, as is usually the case with crap I dip my toe in and then abandon for whatever reason, I kept getting feedback.  Months would go by without me posting a damn thing, and suddenly I’d get a comment on a post I made a year ago.  Sometimes, it was someone who had randomly stumbled upon one of my posts and decided to voice their feelings about how lame they found it.  But other times, it would be someone who had stumbled upon a post that really helped them.

Here is a thing I have found to be true: Even if I do nothing, stuff still happens.  So if I did even the TINIEST SMIDGEN OF SOMETHING, more stuff might happen.

So I would like to possibly endeavor to do more with this blog.  Starting with a new set of rules for what will happen in the future.


(which probably should have been the title of this post, but it isn’t as eye catching you see):

  • There is no schedule. Posts will happen whenever I damn feel like it.  Which may mean that, even after this sweeping declaration of intent, I may not post anything for another four months.
  • Posts do not have to be inspiring.  They can be a picture of my cat if that’s what is in my heart at the moment. If they end up inspirational as a by-product of stupidity, fantastic.
  • The theme is there is no theme.  If I want to write about the healing powers of avocados one day and why I think Barney and Robin from How I Met Your Mother need to be together forever the next, that’s okay.

That’s about it.  See you in four months.


6 thoughts on “The New Rules of Blogging

  1. This is brilliant….. And I too have struggled so much with this. I no longer even know where my blog is these days …. But I like your thinking and yea this is one of those random blog posts you probably never expected to inspire someone but it did. 🙂

    • Man, I have barely touched this blog in ages. I keep thinking I will revive it and then I don’t. I feel like my videos are my blog now, and this sort of stays here as a monument to “that time I tried to blog”. 😛 Plus there are some articles that still help people, so I leave it up.

      • Thanks for responding especially since you don’t come here often …. Makes me feel kinda special 😉 btw do you Instagram? I know I sound like a creeper at this point … Totally not, I promise but as strange as this sounds I’d love to be your internet friend…. Ok yeah I know dork… But hey it’s all about putting yourself out there right 😉 … I’m bittergreen on Instagram… Do you still teach your snazzy skills… If so what area of the country are you ….

  2. I do not Instagram but I should probably start…can you Instagram on an iPad? That’s the only “smart device” I have. 😛 I am mostly on Facebook and YouTube.

    I am not actively teaching any classes because I spend, like, all of my time making hoops, so I have my YouTube tutorials and that’s about it. I would like to reach out to event coordinators and maybe start teaching workshops at hoop events at some point, though.

    • Found ya Via your etsy …. And yes you can totally Instagram from the iPad ….. There’s a huge hooping community around there too as well as other crafty geeky goddesses …. And btw your hoops are by far some of the very best I’ve seen …. Your color combos are fantastic … That’s actually how I found you …. Looking up making instead of doing … I Look forward to getting to know you better …. I’m in Orlando fl btw grew up in texas tho …. (Proud wannabe Texan rt here ;))

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