My name is Jess, and I am a female human.  I have been on this earth since 1984, investigating its inhabitants and determining how to live among them.

Jess is hooping

Some quick facts about how I run things on this blog:

  • There is no schedule. Posts will happen whenever I damn feel like it.  Which may mean that I may not post anything for months at a time.  It could also mean that after months of no posts, I might want to post six times in one day.
  • Posts do not have to be inspiring.  They can be a picture of my cat if that’s what is in my heart at the moment. If they end up inspirational as a by-product of stupidity, fantastic.
  • The theme is there is no theme.  If I want to write about the healing powers of avocados one day and why I think Barney and Robin from How I Met Your Mother need to be together forever the next, that’s okay.

In addition to blogging sporadically, I also vlog sporadically on my YouTube channel.  These vlogs consist of a lot of my face, a lot of silliness, and the occasional hoop dance tutorial.  Should you desire proof that I’m a real person, my YouTube channel is as good as it gets.

Speaking of hoop dance, I make a decent chunk of my money selling hula hoops on Etsy.  I like to make hoops based on things I enjoy, like My Little Pony, Doctor Who, Firefly, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc.  My shop is over here should you desire to patronize it.


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