About My Cat

My cat’s name is Baby Girl. She is black and furry.

(She is a kitten on the left and her full grown catliness on the right.)

Here she is sitting next to a ball.


She likes to climb on all of the things, so that she can be up high, towering above our puny human heads as to assert her power over us.


She does not like you.


She wants to sniff you, of course. You smell new and interesting. But she has no interest in you beyond that. If you attempt to pet her and find you are missing an arm, don’t say I didn’t warn you.


She is a master at Hide and Seek, because she blends in with pretty much everything.


Baby Girl firmly believes that anything laid out on the floor was put there specifically for her to lay on.



She also firmly believes that any time I stand up and move toward the kitchen, it’s dinner time. Baby Girl’s favorite food is Friskies Flaked Tuna & Egg.

I don’t have a picture of her eating, so here she is laying in her hammock.


Her favorite toys are scraps of fabric. Like most cats, she enjoys laying on boxes.


My cat, no matter how hard I wish it, is not Grumpy Cat.


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