Hooping is the way I make my living. I teach classes and sell hoops and occasionally I perform.

With the help of the hoop, I’ve completely changed my life! I discovered a connection to my body that I’d never fully experienced before, and that connection caused me to lose forty pounds and work up the courage to dance in front of people as entertainment, when I’d never before in my life considered myself a dancer.

Hooping got me to travel on my own for the first time, to take leaps of faith by driving hundreds of miles to interact with people I’d never met before and knew nothing about other than they loved the hoop as much as I did. I can’t even begin to express the impact this has had on the way I view life and humanity. I have a completely new view of the world. I used to believe that if I ever wanted to escape the rat race, it would require some superhuman skill or talent that I did not possess. Through the hoop and my travels and the people I’ve met, I now know that all you need to “escape the rat race” is to realize you’re not even running, leave the track and go down to the ice cream shop on the corner.

That metaphor sort of got away from me. I apologize.


One thought on “Hooping

  1. I have recently become very intrigued by hooping. I’m a yoga teacher but ironically have very little coordination and absolutely loathe cardio exercise. Could you tell me a bit more about hooping? Would love to hear! Thanks!

    msred5 at gmail dot com

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