The Oozma Kappa Sweater

I’ve been super pumped about Monsters University since I heard it was coming out.  Monsters Inc. was my favorite Pixar film until Up came along, and I’ve always wanted a sequel.  I’m perfectly content settling for a prequel, and I finally got to see the film, at a drive-in double feature no less!  I had to sit through Despicable Me 2 first (I must admit, I’m not a big fan of Despicable Me, I don’t know why…I feel like I should like it, it’s got the cute factor going on, and the silly factor, but it’s missing something I can’t quite put my finger on).  But I had a HUGE smile on my face from the second Monsters U started, and it did not go away the whole movie.  If you love Monsters Inc. and just want to spend a little more time in that world, go see it RIGHT NOW.

If you’ve seen the movie and you’re a knitter, you probably honed in on the Oozma Kappa sweater. I know I did.

I saw it and became obsessed with knitting it.  I kept poking my little sister, who couldn’t care less about knitting, as the movie carried on:  “LOOK AT THAT AWESOME SWEATER!!!!  I MUST MAKE ONE!!!”  (Side note:  One benefit of seeing a movie at a drive-in theater is that you don’t have to be quiet.  I took full advantage of this.)

I think what most compelled me about the sweater (aside from the fact that I adore this franchise) is how simple it is.  I love the colors, I love the lettering, I love the simple stripes…I just LOVE IT.  And I could not get the project out of my head, which means I have to do it.

I don’t have a huge budget for yarn right now, so I went to Wal*Mart.  Normally, I’m kind of a snob about knitting something you’ll actually wear out of yarn from Wal*Mart, but this is for me and it’s just for fun, and I don’t have the money to be more snobby.  My first thought was Simply Soft, because it’s cheap and you get a lot of it and it’s pretty decent for sweatering, but then I saw that the Hometown USA came in the PERFECT color.  It’s a super bulky yarn, but I’m kind of obsessed with it right now (I’ve been making all of my crochet food with faces out of it), so I snatched up a few skeins of it in Monterey Lime.

I finished up a sleeve tonight, but I’m probably going to redo the sleeve cap because I hate the shaping of it right now.  It needs more curve, right now it sort of ends at an abrupt point:

I’m extremely excited in a very nerdy way about this sweater.  Probably I will come up with a pattern for Ravelry maybe.  I’m just sort of eyeballing the sizing rather than taking any measurements because I’m super lazy, I’m not even sure what size I’m making right now, and redoing patterns for sizing is a bitch, so WE’LL SEE.  I would like to probably redo it in smaller yarn if I have magic money fall out of the sky and land on my lap.


Project: SPATS!

I think I have fallen in love with spats. THEY ARE ADORABLE.

By Etsy seller faitavec.

I knew of the existence of spats somewhere in the back of my mind. I had a friend in high school who was quite enamored with them. I myself love saying “spats”, and am fond of the song from the musical CATS about Bustopher Jones and his white spats.

However, I’ve largely forgotten about spats, giving them little to no thoughts.

That is until, not too long ago, I decided to take the Etsy taste test (which is really just an excuse to look at pretty things with no real intention of buying them). I came upon a pair of spats and went, “Oooh, those are cute!” My brain quickly noted a few things:

  • Spats achieve a similar effect as legwarmers in the 80’s: Making feet look really comfortable. For some reason, a bunch of fabric around the heel of a foot makes it look comfortable to me, and comfortable = adorable.
  • Spats could be an agreeable addition to hooping costumes, as they accent the feet while still allowing one to be essentially barefoot if they so desire. They are also a nod to the whole fuzzy legwarmer phenomenon, without being friggen’ fuzzy legwarmers.
  • There are enough different designs out there for spats that it would not be too difficult to make my own.

So I spent the past couple of days going about the task of playing around with knitting spats. I rounded up a bunch of my scraps of yarn and fashioned it into spat-like shapes. I am quite pleased with my initial efforts!

I put them on and pranced around the living room a bit, getting Green’s opinion. (He approves.) Incidentally, it is impossible to wear spats and not prance. I should know. I’ve been wearing my spats for a couple hours now and I have pranced everywhere, even to the bathroom.

I dug out my only pair of shoes with heels, because I feel that spats deserve shoes with heels, and I took a bunch of pictures.


Given my natural inclination to want to try things on before I actually finish them, the straps on the bottom are only safety pinned on right now, and the yarn ends aren’t woven in. Mind you, that has not put a halt to my prancing.

** ** **

I can teach you how to knit!

Or you can have do the knitting for you!